Solar panels manufactured by The Solar Shop, quality solar blankets and chlorinators

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Pool Covers, Roll-up Stations & Safety Covers

Sealed Air Solar Blanket

  • Increases your poosl temp to between 3°C and 5°C
  • Less water evaporation 95%.
  • Floats free - no tie downs or weights.
  • Assists in keeping dust and debree out of your pool.
  • Perfect for the use in spas.
  • Increases your families swimming season.
  • Use less chemicals.
  • Our solar blankets are lightweight making it easy to remove and replace
Pool Heating Operation
Roll-up Station
  • Moves removing your solar blanket a pleasure.
  • Our roll-up stations come with a protective cover to protect the stationfrom the elements
Safety Covers
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Keeps out dust and leaves
  • Reduces Chlorine consumption
  • Reduces water evaporation