Pool Blankets

Increases your families swimming season.

Solar Blanket - Enjoy These Benefits

•Increases your pool temp to between 3°C and 5°C
•Less water evaporation 95%.
•Floats free - no tie downs or weights.
•Assists in keeping dust and debris out of your pool.
•Perfect for use in spas.
•Increases your families swimming season.
•Use less chemicals.
•Our solar blankets are lightweight making it easy to remove and replace


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Roll-up Station

•Makes removing your solar blanket a pleasure.
•Our roll-up stations come with a protective cover to protect the station from the elements.

Our Solar Blankets

Our Solar Blankets adds to the good looks of your pool as well as being very effective. Pool blankets are a smart addition to the installation of our pool heating system to ensure that the water temperature is preserved.


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